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Agriculture Action Center

Today, more than ever, the agriculture industry is faced with an increasing amount of challenges. The Lake County Farm Bureau strives to represent the agriculturists of Lake County in the challenges that are most daunting and need the voice of agriculture present. Lake County Farm Bureau's Board of Directors and staff aim to represent the farming community at various meetings such as the Lake County Board of Supervisors, Drought Task Meetings, Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition, and many more. Below are some of the challenges that the Lake County Farm Bureau focus their efforts.


  • Lake County General Plan & Conservation of Agricultural Lands

  • Agricultural Tourism

  • Water Resources

  • Water Quality & Erosion Control

  • General Elections: Endorsing politicians who seek to include the agriculture industry's voice.

  • Endangered Species



Want to make your voice heard? Join FARMPAC!

FARM PAC is the muscle and voice representing farming interests in the political arena. Contributions by members through membership check-off, fundraising letters and county fundraisers allow Farm Bureau to support candidates who are committed to working in the best interests of the state’s farmers and ranchers.

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