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Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan CEUs

The 2020 crop year reporting was the first year that the Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan was required for growers. This has replaced the Nitrogen Management Plan. If you have a Nitrogen Management Plan Self-Certification that you obtained before 2020 your certification can still be used to certify the Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan. 

Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan Self-Certification 

Growers who have parcels that are located in a High Vulnerability Area (HVA) for nitrates in the groundwater are required to have their Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plans (INMP) certified. To find out if you are required to have your INMP certified, you can go into your account and look at the parcel detail page. If you need help, you can call our office to ask if any of the parcels that you farm or own are in an HVA. Growers can either become certified by completing the Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan Self-Certification, so that they can certify their INMP Worksheets themselves. Growers can also have a CCA with the CDFA Nitrogen Management certificate certify the Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan Worksheet. 

To become Self-Certified growers can check the CDFA website here to see when and where self-certification courses are available. We will also advertise any trainings that we hold in our office to growers that have parcels in High Vulnerability Areas.  

Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan Continuing Education Units 

If a member has decided to become self-certified to sign off on their INMP Worksheet they are required to have a total of 7 Continuing Education Units within 3 years of obtaining their INMP certification. 4 of the 7 required continuing education units are given to members when they finish their INMP Self-Certification course. After getting their INMP Certification, the member will have 3 years to obtain 3 continuing education units. 

Continuing Education Unit courses are added to this site when they become available. If a member does not obtain the 3 mandatory containing education units in January of the third year of having the self-certification, CDFA will send them a notice that their INMP Self-Certification has expired. The member will then have to retake the INMP Self-Certification course and be certified again. 

​After obtaining certification, retaking the INMP Self-Certification course will only grant you 1 CEU. We do not recommend retaking the INMP Self-Certification for CEUs because the course is 4 hours long and you will only get 1 CEU. 

If the member does collect 3 CEUs before January of the third year of them having the self-certification, then the member will have 3 years to collect another 3 CEUs before the three year expiration. This cycle will keep repeating itself every three years as long as units are being collected. 

Important! INMP CEUs are not the same as DPR CEUs and they are not interchangeable. Before attending a meeting to collect CEUs please make sure that the CEUs that are being offered are the correct type of CEUs. 

It is the member's responsibility to track their INMP CEUs. We only have record of CEUs for meetings that we have managed in our office. We do not know what CEUs you have collected from other meetings. If you want to check how many CEUs you have, you will need to contact CDFA. You can email Nicole Crouch.

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