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4. Useful Tips

  • As a reminder, this is information for the 2021 growing season. Input Nitrogen Estimates and Nitrogen Actuals from 2021.

  • The MPIR Questionnaire is a new reporting requirement in 2022. You will not have any information in this Dashboard Item from 2020. Click “View/Edit” to input your information. It is a short survey.

  • If you click “Approve” and need to go in to change information, simply click ‘View/Edit’ to update that item. You will be prompted to approve the item again on the dashboard.

  • For the Annual Meeting Dashboard item, you can submit any meeting where the Irrigated Lands program was discussed. The Ag Department Virtual Grower meeting on December 2nd is one such example.

    There is a 15 minute Outreach presentation on YouTube that will also fulfill this requirement. To view, follow this link: 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dITjt_BHdrU The link is also available on the front page of the Lake County Farm Bureau website: www.lakecofb.com

    After you watch the link, fill in “Coalition Outreach Presentation” into your Annual Meeting Dashboard item and indicate the date and time that video was watched.

  • If you had any acreage changes in 2021, this can be accessed using the “Field Information” button on the left menu. You can also update your 2021 acreage by emailing the Farm Bureau office at lcfarmbureau@sbglobal.net

Please reach out to the Lake County Farm Bureau office with any questions. We are happy to walk you through it over the phone or have you come into the office for help!

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