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About Lake County Farm Bureau

At Lake County Farm Bureau (LCFB), our purpose is to provide education, promotion and representation of agriculture. Founded in 1924, the LCFB's staff and directors work hard to support farmers and ranchers so they can do the job they do best -- farm and ranch!   


The LCFB's vision is to create a respect for agriculture, within and outside of Lake County, while developing mutual partnerships with organizations in order to promote the interests of agricullturists, their products and the land. 


Admist complex regulations, water shortages and excessive taxation, Lake County Farm Bureau is here to ensure the future of the family farm. Whether through educational programs, training classes, industry workshops, political activism, or community involvement, we are committed to supporting local agriculturists.


LCFB is one of the 53 counties that make up the California's largest farm organization, the California Farm Bureau Federation, comprised of over 76,500 farm families. 

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