Agricultural Seminars and Safety Training 

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CPR/First Aid 

Forklift Training 

Heat Illness Training 

 The Lake County Farm Bureau's Rural Health and Safety Programs provide guidance on health and safety issues affecting California's agricultural businesses, producers, families and employees. Through a series of workshops and seminars, Farm Bureau and Community members are encouraged to attend. Farm Bureau Members can receive discounts on many trainings, and typically both Spanish & English training are available. Some of these programs & seminars include...


  • CPR/First Ai

  • Forklift Training 

  • Pesticide Applicator Training & Train the Trainer 

  • Heat Stress Prevention


Additionally pesticide, farm watch, and AG stickers are available at the Lake County Farm Bureau office. 


The Rural Crime Prevention Program aims to improve the lines of communication between local law enforcement agencies and the agricultural community.


The epidemic levels of metal theft and the continued rise in rural crimes such as illegal dumping, vandalism, meth labs and thefts of farm equipment, chemicals, livestock, and crops highlights the need for this effort.

By joining together and improving communication efforts we can take a significant bite out of rural crime.